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Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)

Over time, Australia has earned a place as a respectable Forex center globally. One of the reasons for this is because it delivers a conducive environment for Forex operations. It offers very convenient policies and rules that make brokering very suitable for brokerage enterprises and customers as well. Australia continues to attract the head office of some for the most prestigious Forex brokerage firms and has a Forex market that grows steadily.
It is important to clarify that convenient policies and rules does not suggest that the system can be manipulated or abused by brokerage enterprises or customers. What it actually means is that it is particularly safe with active supervision from formidable bodies like the ASIC.
ASIC is actively involved in ensuring the safest of financiers, customers and stockholders. It ensures that the various financial bodies are operating in alignment with set rules that I required for an unshakable and supportable financial terrain.
Lately, the ASIC generated the lowest net capital requisite for traders from AUD50,000 to AUD500,000, which guarantees that trading fortified to safeguard financiers from unsavory occurrences. In line with ensuring that these perquisite are surefire, there are plan for an increment in the net capital.
From a tactical standpoint, the limitations are very low as brokers that utilize the services of Australian traders are inhibited from scalp and hedge, the FIFO principle does not apply, and there is no enforced highest leverage.