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Forex Islamic Account

One of the most distinctive features of the Islamic Forex account is that it conforms to Islamic interest principle and this has popularized them as a swap-free account. There are no cumulative interests in alignment with Islamic precepts. Procedures for owning an Islamic account There are three convenient procedures to creating an Islamic account and they are as follows: Register to have a brokering account Confirm the account by logging in with necessary details Make an appeal for your Islamic account


We use a simple but effective system designed to take advantage of the daily volatility in the forex market. Consistent results since 2003. The system was built, coded and designed entirely into Trading platform. Try our forex alerts today. There is no room for subjectivity here.


Have you ever dream to become a trading professional? With SAXO BANK it is possible. Founded in 1992, it was first founded as a brokerage company. SAXO BANK also provides banking, investment and trade facilities. It is currently working in many economically strong areas like Middle East, Far-East, Asia and France. It has faithful investors from almost 200 countries. Their turnover rate is more than $15 billion. The secret of SAXOs victory is its e-trading and e-invest strategy. The large number of users in almost 200 countries has made it a reliable institute. Making its name as the best trading provider, SAXO truly has given a sense of security for the future investors.

Grand Capital Review

With more than 10 years of experience in forex and CFDs trading, Grand Capital is genuine and secure. As the headquarters of its parent company is in Mahe, Seychelles; some investors expressed concerns about its reliability. Despite of winning “Best Standard Forex Broker,” “Best Micro Forex Broker” and several other awards; traders still have doubts on the Grand Capital. Grand Capital is regulated by SIBA, and its expansion in several Asian and European cities proves its trustworthiness. Despite several hurdles, the net worth of Grand Capital Ltd is increasing continuously, and Grand Capital is expanding its base.

Forex4you review

Founded in 2007, the name Forex4You originates from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) holding company called Finance Group and E-Global Trade, Inc. the company is based in providing services for forex online retail traders all over the world. Although this broker has a relatively small function in the world of forex, the company is sincerely popular when it comes to most retail traders. This has been possible for them by providing quality service for each trader and not taking into consideration their trading volume. They are among the first few brokers who created ideal trading accounts for beginner traders with a relatively small budget.

HYCM Review

HYCM is well known by traders around the world and it is an FCA regulated forex broker having a 1977 operational history. The broker has a financial investment firm that is well established by having its foundation stones in the Asian capital Hong Kong, part of the Henyep Capital markets is made up of the broker. HYCM is specialized in offering CFDs to online retail traders and trading services for forex. They are in charge of maintaining head offices in key cities like Hong Kong, London, Kuwait, and Dubai. As a broker of FCA, they have the abilities to provide a safe and secure trading environment for their clients.

City Index Review

City Index is a leading company of trading services for Contracts for Difference (CFS) over the globe. His owner is Michael Spencer, who runs City Index through a holding company called IPGL. But this not means a risk since Michael is one of the wealthiest men in the United Kingdom with an overall value of £500 million. Also, City Index has been proved by Company Check UK to maintain enough cash reserves in its account. So the retail traders can feel safe and supported on the financial health of City Index.
City Index is a versatile worldwide company that offers reliable professional services in a wide range of markets. In order to provide a close and better relationships with the clients, City Index is present countries like UK, Australia, China, Poland and the U.S.

FXNET Review

An operating license was granted to FxNet by the (CySEC) Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission as a financial service provider in (Nov 2012) and it’s a new Forex online and commodities broker. With FxNet having its headquarters in Cyprus, Limassol, FxNet has developed a strategy of providing transparency and unique customer service in their business as a method of winning customers and retaining their patronage.
To use their trading platforms to provide a reliable and fast service for their clients, FxNet has developed a partnership with Oracle and Deloitte who are the world’s greatest software building companies in a mission to create a system of high-tech CRM used to monitor every client’s need. Adding to that, FxNet also developed a web-based trading platform that is powerful and simplified for the enhancement of clients trading experience called ‘’Simple Trader’’.

Pepperstone Review 2017

Pepperstone offers many peculiar accounts for trade. The account known as the Edge Standard is made to serve normal traders and provides spreads for STP processing and interbank on the widely used MT4, meanwhile the design of the Razor account specifically suits EA and advanced traders offering lower spreads (as well as higher costs of trade). An extra account is provided to support institutional partners, and high volume trade or traders – Benefits of higher service levels accompany the Edge Active account for traders: unrivaled ECN EDGE execution together with a dedicated and experienced manager working with the holder of the account. Moreover, there is an account available at Pepperstone which is swap-free in accordance with the Sharia law.

What is CFD Trading?

Contract for difference trading allows you to make predictions on whether an asset’s price will rise or fall in value.

It can also be seen as an advantageous investment, which implies that you are not obliged to disclose your trade’s total value. This may lead to quicker gains or losses, depending on your trade’s performance.

This is how CFD trading functions : To get started, create an account and put money in it. Then select an asset which you will trade CFDs on.

There are two prices to choose from; the buy price, in case you are anticipating that the value may rise, and the sell price, in case you are anticipating that the value may fall.

What is Operating Leverage?

Operating leverage can be seen as a measure of the rate at which a project or firm incurs a mixture of variable and fixed costs. A business which carries out sales that provide a gross margin which is very high and lesser variable and fixed costs has plenty of leverage. A higher rate of operating leverage will lead to probable danger from predicting risk, where a very slight error in predicting sales can aggravate into huge errors in the projection of cash flows.

FXGiants Review

FXGiants delivers four different accounts to customers and they can be operated on MT4 platform. When you are broker with this enterprise, you will be permitted to select either floating or fixed spreads. Other trading features you will enjoy include market and prompt implementation, and no commission on brokerage operations.

You would have an exclusive account manage and FX Giant provides an Islamic account for Muslim brokers.
The operation of FXGiants does not embrace areas like the US. Iran, Cuba , Syria, and North Korea.


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